Saturday, April 23, 2011

A True Prep

I recently received an internship that's devoted to the idea of preppy. The classic chino short in bright colors and the typical seersucker's. Even though my closet doesn't really consist of preppy clothes, it's more trendy, I am slowly learning to love the preppy look! Of course there was the time five years ago when we were all in love with the polo...Anyways, here are a few things I found online, mixed with a few things I actually bought today. J. Crew is definitely the best place to look, all things preppy.
J.Crew::Vineyard Vines::Lacoste::Ann Taylor Loft

Just a start to the collection, I also plan on checking out Ralph Lauren Rugby and Lily! Here is Preppy on the runway wearing Ralph Lauren. Can't get much preppier than that.
I couldn't help but adding some Luella, even if it's not Spring 2011. The bow did it for me.

With Love,

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