Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's Not to Love About an Outlet?

My new favorite kind of shopping must be at the outlets. From Saks OFF fifth to Juicy to J. Crew, these stores seem to have it all. I know most of the time I'm hoping for some luck when I go, but the last few times I started doubting it's just luck. Some say it's a hit or miss, luck or not, personally I think it's just about patience. Searching through lots of buried clothes and accessories you're bound to find something perfect for you. My last purchase was J. Crew chino shorts in coral and a cute blue button up to sport a true preppy look. I also found a cropped black blazer from Juicy, originally $250, I purchased it for $40. Check online for extra coupons at the outlets near you or when special sales and events are being held and you can't go wrong!
       However, not everyone had the patience or time, so what about outlets online? Not all stores have them, but they are starting to become more common. I love the J.Crew Factory Outlet. The newest one I found is called, The Outnet. It has sales that are actually UNBELIEVABLE. This site is filled with lots of designers clothing. The price are usually slashed in half if not more. Here are a few things I just picked out! 

Check them out at 
With Love,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Girl I hate to Love

As cruel as she was portrayed on television, Olivia Palermo, is one of the best dressed women. She's always dressed up and always looks like a million dollars. Olivia considers her style both romantic and edgy, consistently in head to toe designers. I personally see her as a girl who sometimes looks like she is coming straight out of London or going right into the big apple. Both different styles, that she pulls off rather well.
Ever checked out ? Newly added to the list was Olivia, where I took a few of my favorite pieces she picked out:
Lots of other celebrities and designers have their own boutiques! If you haven't visited this site in the past, now is a great time! I also love Lauren Conrad's, Brittany Snow's, and Ashley Olsen's (of course).

With Love,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Newest for a Spring Mix

Spartina 449. I just saw it today and loved it! This new brand is slowly becoming known, some even refer to it as the new Vera. Personally, I don't think it could replace my love for Vera Bradley, but I would definitely buy it and refer it too people, because I think it has a differently personality. It's not the same material at all, the shapes of the bags are different, and I think a little more spacey. With over 5 collections and 20 different shapes I think it's going to easily spread. I love all of the wristlets, especially the bright floral ones.
try checking out and let me know what you think!

With Love,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Anchors Away

The classic anchor is everywhere! As usual the anchor is the symbol of a nautical summer. I remember being in seventh grade and my favorite tee shirt had an anchor on it. I was just browsing 's jewlery and they have such a cute selection of anchors. Here are my favorites that I picked out..
 Gorjana makes a lot of really nice anchor earrings, but I absolutely love that silver ring. That ring and the earrings on the top left are both Elizabeth and James, surprisingly very affordable, being under $100, each were only $85. All of these items range from $35 to $85. Of course you can find it from forever 21 as well, but their earrings tend to make my ears itchy, but if you're looking for a quick find and for some event that's also a perfect place to purchase anything anchor.

With Love,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Store 344

Store 344 is the recently (pretty recently) replaced Jasmine Sola. For those who knew it, who could forget it? The pastel colored walls, each one different, racks of designer clothes, and of course their dressing rooms with the bright colored curtains and enormous mirrors. Even though most of it was extremely expensive, probably why they all closed, they had an amazing sale section most of the time. Since Jasmine Sola closed, 344 has replaced a lot of them. You might easily be tricked walking in the store, the walls are just a little brighter and the clothes are much less of expensive. Of course they carry True Religion, Seven, and Free People, but it's a lot of designers I am also not so familiar with. The first time I went in I didn't love it, but the one near me is starting to carry better clothing. 344 replaced the 2 story Jasmine Sola on Newbury street in Boston, so if you're ever really looking into the store I would reccomend you go there! You can now shop online, here are a few things I've found (the store has MUCH more!)
With Love,

Friday, May 6, 2011

Gossip Girl's Gilt

 Has anyone watched the episode of Gossip Girl, Petty in Pink? The first few scenes seemed completely dedicated to advertising for Gilt Groupe. Lily literally had Gilt bags thrown all over the floor and Serena was ordering/sending Gilt dresses to people through text.  An online fashion website where you can actually find AMAZING discounts, the catch is they are only limited time. There are a few designers on sale for really good prices, but they sell out fast, and new ones come the next day. I LOVE this site!
These clothes can all be found on Gilt Groupe today::BCBG::AG JEANS::RORY BECA

Also, just for fun if anyone loves Serenas pink dress you can find it on the Marchesa website! if you add Gilt as a friend on facebook you get 20% off your order! Hope you guys find something on it:)

With Love,

Saturday, April 30, 2011

In The Moment

Currently every time I go shopping in the stores or online I am seeing lots of linen! Clearly a very summery style, but I didn't wear it much last year. I have been looking for a white pair of linen pants that fit nicely, and I still haven't found them! My closest buy was almost at J.Crew, but I thought I could maybe find ones I like better! If I find the perfect linen pant I'll be sure to let you guys know..but for now here are some linen things I love!
Rugby::Forever 21::Shopbop::Juicy Couture 

The shoes might actually be my favorite because I don't commonly see linen wedges! I have the bow shorts in the middle row and absolutely love them, F21 what a steal!

With Love,

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Row

 Mary-Kate and Ashley. I love them both and especially their clothing line The Row. It launched in 2007 and is still expanding into more items today. It's very classic looking and perfect for any career. A lot of their pieces are very basic, but there is something unique about each one. It's a very solid collection, all in the same color range and style. It's sophisticated and clean cut, most definitely a luxury line. The two twins are such an inspiration when it comes to clothes. I personally love Ashley's a little bit more, it's more conservative while Mary-Kate's is very bohemian. The other picture is Brigitte Bardot!  They're holding up her book in the first picture. She's a french model and actress who is also very iconic! Just had to include her pic:)
You can find The Row at Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys.
Or online

With Love,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Francesca's Florals

One of my favorite boutiques is called, Francescas Collections. I just found out about it a couple of years ago and it is becoming more popular and they have opened a bunch of new stores! For those of you who don't know what it is it's a usually a small store with lots of cute unique clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and little gifts. It's a pretty girly store with lots of dresses and skirts in florals and bright colors. You can pretty much find anything in there for any occasion in a really good price range! Almost everything is under $50. Here are a few of my favorite spring florals from there!
 There are lots more at ! 
Let me know what you think:)

With Love,

Monday, April 25, 2011

#1 on Vogues List

This week #1 on Vogues list for Transitional women goes to..Blake Lively! My absolute favorite style icon! There is nothing about her I don't love. This year I went to Teen Vogue's Fashion University where Anna Wintour even called Blake Lively the fashion icon of our generation. It may seem like her character Serena just has amazing fashion, but so does she. I am OBSESSED with Gossip Girl and would die for their wardrobes. However, Blake's closet is definitely just as good.THE BEST. I just found a few pictures from that are some recent candids, in Paris! Of course.
Here is a picture at Teen Vogue Fashion U 2010. I wasn't too close but you can still see Anna! 
Blake on the Cover of Vogues Best Dressed issue. For being such a young women it's amazing to see how big of an icon she has become.

With Love,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Time Stripes

I was browsing through the Marc Jacobs website today and came across some pictures from his spring fashion show. His newest collection is all bright stripes, typical for spring, but it's a classic trend. Paired with the right clothes can definitely change it up. I personally love striped tanks tucked into white jeans with a skinny brown belt.
Marc Jacobs on the is the look you can get off the runway
Zara::Lulus::Love Culture

All for under $30, I just threw in the bag even with a solid cropped tee and a striped bag, throwing in some stripes is a perfect accent.

With Love,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A True Prep

I recently received an internship that's devoted to the idea of preppy. The classic chino short in bright colors and the typical seersucker's. Even though my closet doesn't really consist of preppy clothes, it's more trendy, I am slowly learning to love the preppy look! Of course there was the time five years ago when we were all in love with the polo...Anyways, here are a few things I found online, mixed with a few things I actually bought today. J. Crew is definitely the best place to look, all things preppy.
J.Crew::Vineyard Vines::Lacoste::Ann Taylor Loft

Just a start to the collection, I also plan on checking out Ralph Lauren Rugby and Lily! Here is Preppy on the runway wearing Ralph Lauren. Can't get much preppier than that.
I couldn't help but adding some Luella, even if it's not Spring 2011. The bow did it for me.

With Love,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Classic Boat Shoe

The Sperry Top-Sider, being around since 1935 and still being worn today by so many I would say definitely makes them classic. Ranging in all different colors and styles they can be worn with just about everything. There are so many other brands now, doing different spins on them. I just bought a navy blue pair from Dexter. Here are a few others:
I know this was a blog on boat shoes...but while looking at some online I came across these Kate Spade wedges and automatically fell in love with them...had to share!

With Love,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Trend I Never Thought I'd Love..

The first time I saw girls wearing rompers I absolutely hated them. Since last summer I never thought I would say I actually love them now! I used to imagine them just for the runway. From cotton to silk or florals to solids they're perfect for spring. I love when they're worn with cardigans, belted, or both! The more I see them the more they are growing on me.  Here are just a few recent ones I found online: 
Victoria' Secret:: F21:: Shopbop -Shoshanna and Sachin + Babi Romper

My favorites are definitely the ones from, they're a little pricey, but Forever 21 of course carries them under $30

With Love,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Blogging

Hi everyone,
So I'm new at the blogging thing, but I've been addicted and can't get enough of them! I decided I wanted to start my own and share my love of clothes, shoes, and accessories with everyone else. I can't wait to get this started. 

Today was the first warm day on campus and  I couldn't help but get excited to start wearing all my spring clothes. Here's just a few things I've had my eye on.

Yellow Striped Shoes:: American Eagle, High Wasted Navy Shorts:: F21. Ruffle Sleeve Tee:: Free People, Pieced Leather Bag:: Free People, Head Wrap:: F21

With Love,