Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Store 344

Store 344 is the recently (pretty recently) replaced Jasmine Sola. For those who knew it, who could forget it? The pastel colored walls, each one different, racks of designer clothes, and of course their dressing rooms with the bright colored curtains and enormous mirrors. Even though most of it was extremely expensive, probably why they all closed, they had an amazing sale section most of the time. Since Jasmine Sola closed, 344 has replaced a lot of them. You might easily be tricked walking in the store, the walls are just a little brighter and the clothes are much less of expensive. Of course they carry True Religion, Seven, and Free People, but it's a lot of designers I am also not so familiar with. The first time I went in I didn't love it, but the one near me is starting to carry better clothing. 344 replaced the 2 story Jasmine Sola on Newbury street in Boston, so if you're ever really looking into the store I would reccomend you go there! You can now shop online, here are a few things I've found (the store has MUCH more!)
With Love,


  1. Wow, so many pretty clothes! I love the examples you chose for this post, the colors and shapes!

    Kisses xoxo :)


  2. those are really cute clothes! thanks for the post! :)