Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Girl I hate to Love

As cruel as she was portrayed on television, Olivia Palermo, is one of the best dressed women. She's always dressed up and always looks like a million dollars. Olivia considers her style both romantic and edgy, consistently in head to toe designers. I personally see her as a girl who sometimes looks like she is coming straight out of London or going right into the big apple. Both different styles, that she pulls off rather well.
Ever checked out ? Newly added to the list was Olivia, where I took a few of my favorite pieces she picked out:
Lots of other celebrities and designers have their own boutiques! If you haven't visited this site in the past, now is a great time! I also love Lauren Conrad's, Brittany Snow's, and Ashley Olsen's (of course).

With Love,


  1. olivia is just amazing and i really love her style :) Great post :) xx

  2. I love Olivia's style! She always dresses so stylish and perfect for each occasion

  3. I love those transparent-black boot heels!! I'm loving that romantic and edgy style! I just found your blog! and am following u! :D

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