Friday, May 6, 2011

Gossip Girl's Gilt

 Has anyone watched the episode of Gossip Girl, Petty in Pink? The first few scenes seemed completely dedicated to advertising for Gilt Groupe. Lily literally had Gilt bags thrown all over the floor and Serena was ordering/sending Gilt dresses to people through text.  An online fashion website where you can actually find AMAZING discounts, the catch is they are only limited time. There are a few designers on sale for really good prices, but they sell out fast, and new ones come the next day. I LOVE this site!
These clothes can all be found on Gilt Groupe today::BCBG::AG JEANS::RORY BECA

Also, just for fun if anyone loves Serenas pink dress you can find it on the Marchesa website! if you add Gilt as a friend on facebook you get 20% off your order! Hope you guys find something on it:)

With Love,

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  1. great post, loved Serena dress in that episode! new follower =)