Saturday, April 30, 2011

In The Moment

Currently every time I go shopping in the stores or online I am seeing lots of linen! Clearly a very summery style, but I didn't wear it much last year. I have been looking for a white pair of linen pants that fit nicely, and I still haven't found them! My closest buy was almost at J.Crew, but I thought I could maybe find ones I like better! If I find the perfect linen pant I'll be sure to let you guys know..but for now here are some linen things I love!
Rugby::Forever 21::Shopbop::Juicy Couture 

The shoes might actually be my favorite because I don't commonly see linen wedges! I have the bow shorts in the middle row and absolutely love them, F21 what a steal!

With Love,


  1. Those are cute finds!! I really want some new linen shorts!

  2. these are some really great finds!